Pear preserves with ginger
Pear Preserves with Ginger

I still have a lot of pears left over even after making two batches of pear butter.  I have also been cutting up the bad ones and giving them to the bunnies and the goats.  They are perfect right now to the point of going bad in a few days so I decided to make pear preserves.

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Pear Butter
Homemade Pear Butter

Fall is quickly approaching. The weather is finally getting cooler.

It's the perfect time to make pumpkin butter. Last fall we had pumpkins in our garden but our crop didn't do so well this year.  It just so happens that Nana has a pear tree loaded with fruit.  Everyone in our home loves to eat pears, probably more so than apples.  So we decided to help Nana out by picking some.

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Spicy Stuffed Peppers
Spicy Stuffed Peppers (Paleo)

Delicious Mexican style stuffed peppers.  These are paleo but you can always add cheese and sour cream!

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If only I didn't have to sleep and eat!

I thought when I started this blog that I would be able to post maybe once per week, no problem right!?


I just don’t see how other mom’s do it!  I swear I could clean my house 8 hours a day and it would still be a disaster.

I have pretty much given up on having a clean home… My two girls can trash the place in an hour.

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Sweet Potato Chips

Homemade Sweet Potato Chips

  • 2 or 3 sweet potatoes cut thin (I used a mandolin for this)
  • About 2 tbsp. of coconut oil (more or less)
  • Salt to taste


  1. Using a mandolin slice the sweet potatoes as thin as possible.
  2. Place them in a bowl and cover them with water allowing them to soak for one hour. Drain and replace with fresh water after 30 minutes.
  3. Place on a towel and let them dry.
  4. Put about half of the sliced potatoes into a bowl and pour enough coconut oil to coat them evenly. Repeat with the remaining potatoes.
  5. Place the chips on the dehydrator trays and sprinkle with salt or you choice of seasoning.
  6. Place the sweet potatoes into a dehydrator and dehydrate at 145-155 F for about 6 hours.
  7. Check them occasionally and turn the dehydrator off when they are crispy.
  8. Let them cool.
  9. Enjoy!

Here is a link to a great mandoline for a resonable price! Swissmar Borner V-1001 V-slicer Plus Mandoline


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