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    Cute Baby Farm Animals - Farm Update
    Snow on the farm

    Our first snow of 2016

    It has been awhile since I have posted anything about our farm and a lot has happened over the past month. The farm keeps up quite busy so I really should post updates more often!  So what's new?

    We have a few new additions. Cute baby farm animals!

    First, we had baby pigs (piglets), then, goats (kids) and we are expecting a few more kids any time now.  So over the past month we have added 3 piglets and 2 new kids to our farm.

    So here are a few pictures of the cute babies and their mommies!

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    Pear Preserves with Ginger

    I still have a lot of pears left over even after making two batches of pear butter.  I have also been cutting up the bad ones and giving them to the bunnies and the goats.  They are perfect right now to the point of going bad in a few days so I decided to make pear preserves.

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    So Much Rain

    Over the past few weeks we have had quite a bit of rain.

    Our Rain Gauge

    This could be our rain gauge.

    A few days of rain is ok, but after that everyone is quite sick of it.  Doc, our German shepherd is bouncing off the walls if he doesn't get a walk.  With the rain and mud we haven't been able to walk him. So for the past few weeks I have been hosing him off pretty much every time he went outside.  Our white kitchen floor is tinged red with all the mud tracked in.

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    Cute Baby Rabbits

    On a whim we decided to let our rabbits have babies.  It actually happened much quicker than I thought it would.  We normally keep the girl rabbits separated from the male so after one time of letting the two be together she was pregnant.  Having three pet rabbits is enough so we are going to try and sell them. 

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