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    Our First Video - Farm Animals

    I realized that I haven’t posted much about our farm animals in quite a while.
    Spring is here and we have baby chicks and several new animals since my last farm update. I decided to make a short video featuring just our animals minus the horse and donkey. They weren't up for being on the camera today. I will post another video soon of just them.

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    Our Live Butterfly Kit Experience

    We recently purchased a Butterfly Kit from Amazon for homeschool with the intent to watch the metamorphosis of a butterfly from caterpillar to chrysalis.

    I was a little worried about the caterpillars being shipped in the mail but they all arrived alive and well.  They do not ship in the summer months when it’s really hot.

    We received 6 caterpillars instead of 5 which was good because one did not make it.  Other than that, the whole process was super easy.  They arrived in a container with their food so we never had to open it until we transferred them to the habitat.


    For a few days the caterpillars ate and got bigger and bigger kind of like the book, “The hungry Caterpillar.”

    Once they were fully grown they started their metamorphosis.  The caterpillars climbed to the top of the container and assumed their “J” shape.  At this point they began making their chrysalis.  Over a short time they were all complete except for the one that did not make it. (if you look at the previous image you can see the caterpillar not in a crysalis)

    We waited about 24 hours after this to make sure we didn’t interrupt the process before moving them.  We hung the lid inside the habitat and waited for the butterflies to emerge.


    It was kind of unexpected, one day I walked past the habitat and there was a butterfly!


    We were lucky enough to catch one emerging from it chrysalis on video.

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    About 24 hours after they hatched we put the butterfly food in the bottom of the habitat and watched them for a few days. (make sure the lid is on the container of sugar water, the butterflies can fall into the water and drown)

    This was an educational and delightful experience for all of us.  I would definitely recommend this Butterfly Kit to everyone that loves things like this.


    Here is a link to the kit I purchased from Amazon, please remember they won't ship in the summer when it's really hot:


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    Cute Baby Farm Animals - Farm Update
    Snow on the farm

    Our first snow of 2016

    It has been awhile since I have posted anything about our farm and a lot has happened over the past month. The farm keeps up quite busy so I really should post updates more often!  So what's new?

    We have a few new additions. Cute baby farm animals!

    First, we had baby pigs (piglets), then, goats (kids) and we are expecting a few more kids any time now.  So over the past month we have added 3 piglets and 2 new kids to our farm.

    So here are a few pictures of the cute babies and their mommies!

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    Pear Preserves with Ginger

    I still have a lot of pears left over even after making two batches of pear butter.  I have also been cutting up the bad ones and giving them to the bunnies and the goats.  They are perfect right now to the point of going bad in a few days so I decided to make pear preserves.

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